She has quickly gone from Australia’s best kept secret to becoming one of the most powerful female songwriters in the music industry. Sia has written some of the best pop tracks over the past 10 years and she’s not slowing down. “Alive” is the first track from her upcoming seventh studio album “This Is Acting” and with Adele bidding very high to record and release this song I had high hopes. People are praising how incredible this song is and some are going as far to say it’s better than “Chandelier” but I can’t help but feel they are very wrong. “Alive” is a solid pop track that sees a different drum heavy sound used for the songstress and while it’s catchy and undoubtedly going to get a lot airplay I just don’t think it has the magic of her previous releases. Her desperate and emotional vocal delivery in the chorus is convincing with the “I’m still breathing, I’m alive”  haunting you. But this is probably the only impressive part of the song. I’m going to go back to listening to “We Are Born” and “1000 Forms Of Fear” now.

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