LIVE REVIEW: Ellie Goulding – Enmore Theatre

Ellie Live

Over the weekend Ellie Goulding caused a lot of controversy with allegations of Lip Synching during her coveted performance at the AFL Grand Final. Having seen Goulding live multiple times I can honestly say this lady does not lip synch and nor does she need to. Taking the allegations in her sassy humorous way she hit the Enmore Theatre stage for an intimate one night only show and can I just reiterate here that… WOW SHE CAN SINNNNNGGGG. Strutting her way on stage to the infectious banger “Outside” she performed a set list of her hit singles and primarily favourites off her latest releases “Halcyon” and “Halcyon Days”. Early set highlights included “Goodness Gracious”, Starry Eyed”, “Powerful”, “My Blood” and “Anything Could Happen”.  One of my personal set highlights was “Joy” which is a rare addition to her set and this emotional and heartfelt ballad had goosebumps all over my body almost instantaneously. Throughout the show she showcased her many different talents including the drums and guitar with an awesome solo during “Burn” as well as her unique vocal range with a captivating acoustic rendition of “Your Song” which had the audience in awe. She joked with the crowd and asked if they were enjoying her lip syncing tonight and exclaimed how excited she was to be doing this show to give back to the fans and have one farewell hoorah to Halcyon before the imminent arrival of her third studio album “Delirium”. Closing the show with “On My Mind” and “Love Me Like You Do” she left the audience with an incredible vocal high note that reminded everyone that there was no lip synching in her live show. Ellie Goulding is an incredible live performer and this intimate affair just reaffirmed this. Over the years she has evolved and become a confident performer with sensual interpretive dancing and entertaining banter adding to this already energetic show.

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