SINGLE REVIEW: Anastacia – Take This Chance


She has one of the most recognisable voices in the industry, she has some of the biggest hits from the early 2000’s and she’s back stronger and more personal than ever. Anastacia has had a rough couple of years but she hasn’t let that affect her. Last year she released her comeback album “Resurrection” and did an extensive tour of Europe and Australia. In November she is set to release a greatest hits album titled “The Ultimate Collection” and to promote this release she is releasing two new tracks. “Take This Chance” is the official first single and it’s a reflective pop ballad that looks at her regrets and how she wants to better herself. “I’m gonna take this chance and do something I never tried. I’m gonna make this moment matter till the end of time”. While the song is a bit cheesy it does impress with its raw emotion. She does showcase her vocal range with her infamous high note before the last chorus making it one of the standout moments in the song. I was hoping they would lead this album with a fun upbeat throwback “sprock” track and I was slightly disappointed when I heard this ballad but after a few listens it has grown on me and has unsurprisingly already become a fan favourite.

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