SINGLE REVIEW: Rose McGowan – RM486


Rose Mcgowan has always been an eccentric character who over the years has portrayed some very interesting and iconic roles in various TV Shows and Movies. In the past she has dabbled in music and talked about releasing a project at some stage, and that time is now. “RM486” is her debut single and I don’t even know how to begin to describe this track to you because it’s so many shades of weird and cool. This trippy post dance-pop track begins with a somber piano with McGowan whispering a spoken intro exclaiming “I’ve seen things that people can’t imagine”. The song then launches into this post dance-pop beat that will have you bopping along for the 5 minute duration. The song’s structure is all over the place and sees her repeating the word “Run” in the bridge and outro, while the hook is quite bland it will get cemented in your head. “Only here to paint colour on the sun. Only here to see the fire run”. This musical project is all about her taking a stand against the acting world that she has come to hate. The music video is also all types of bizarre but portrays five different versions of herself which she named; The Alien, Dark Beauty, Green Hair Hollywood, Needles and Red Glitter Bomb. Most people are going to watch this video and hear this song and go W T F but I’m not going to lie, I find this track very vibey and even though it’s bizarre I dig it. Remember she did date Mariyn Manson for 3 and a half years, her music was always going to be a tad strange and artistic.

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