ALBUM REVIEW: Chvrches – Every Open Eye


Chvrches follow up to 2013’s debut “The Bones Of What You Believe” is a strong collection of 80’s influenced synth-pop tracks that explode from anthemic hooks and structured beat breakdowns which will have you m-o-v-i-n-g. The songs on “Every Open Eye” are polished and have a clear post pop EDM direction which is less moody than their debut. “Keep You On My Side” is a clear standout with its infectious hook and saturated synth production. “I never asked to know, I never lied so I could keep you on my side”. But “Clearest Day” is the albums main highlight with its beat heavy breakdowns that will have this song stuck in your head even though it doesn’t actually have a hook. Yep, it’s that good. Think if Diplo or Skrillex interrupted Chvrches studio session and layed down some beats over a moody synth track then this is what it would sound like. ”If I ever push you away you can just keep me there. So please say you’ll meet me, meet me halfway”. While lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry captivates you with her distinctive vocals it was keyboardist Martin Doherty who intrigued me on their debut with “Under The Tide” where he took over lead vocals. On this album he takes over again on “High Enough To Carry You” but fails to be memorable or offer any sort of energy. I was most excited to hear his track because last time he offered this insane energy which made a unique set highlight in their live show. “Leave A Trace”, “Empty Threat” and “Bury It” are cool tracks that are distinctively Chvrches and will complement their live show well. Lyrically this album looks a lot at forgiveness and moving on. “We tried to bury it and rise above” sings Mayberry on “Bury It” whereas the lyrics on “Make The Gold” are bit more gimmicky and cheesy. “Every Open Eye” is a great sophomore album which sees them refining their synthpop sound and giving it a bit more power and depth.

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