ALBUM REVIEW: Reece Mastin – Change Colours

Reece Mastin Change Colours

Reece Mastin may have shot to fame with his pop fueled rock tracks after winning X Factor Australia in 2011 but after leaving Sony Music and going independent he’s finally being true to himself as an artist. “Change Colours” is his third studio album and with the release date slated for October 9 he’s ready to show everyone the man he’s become. The album is heavily alternative rock influenced and sees him further exploring the sound he introduced to fans on his EP “Rebel And The Reason”. Opening with the mediocre “Lockdown” I felt underwhelmed and a bit confused to why there were cowbells but then I heard “You Could Be Wild” and he had me hooked. This track offers an upbeat hook that will become a fan favourite almost instantly. “We could have all we have ever dreamed, you could be wild and be with me. We could have all we’ve ever needed, you could be wild and we could be free”. “Caged Paradise” is a fun quirky rock track that is playful with production, will ignite his live shows and is definitely a contender for a single. But title track “Change Colours” wins best track on the album with a darker sound complimented by strings. This song had be entranced from the first listen and had me going back for a second and third.

With his vocals crooning through the funky riffs of the old school blues/rock inspired “Heartache Blues” he will have you seriously questioning if this song is an original or not with the tight production and genuinely cool vibes. He’s always loved his heavier rock influences and “You Gotta Go” and “Stand Up Be Proud” gives you more of the old school rock vibes with funky keys, heavy drums and bass and shredding guitars. But it’s his ballads that always leave me impressed and “Down To Earth” gives you raw emotion and power with his versatile vocal range harmonizing with an uncredited female vocalist. This is one of the strongest tracks and was instantly a favourite of mine. The acoustic “Even Angels Cry” continues to show his maturity and pleasantly surprises with this rare intimate moment. This album boasts honesty and raw emotion and no more sees him hide behind gimmicky hooks that he sounds uncomfortable singing. While “I Don’t Love You Anymore” offers a more pop influenced sound he delivers an honesty about falling out of love with someone. “I can’t play this game anymore, baby I’m sorry. I can’t say it, don’t think I can say it. Baby I’m sorry, I don’t love you anymore”. “For You” and “We’ve Already Win” cater to the younger fans with a bit of gimmicky pop rock that feels out of place on this record and “Right Out Of Me” is just plain forgettable but other than that he delivers a strong album.

“Change Colours” is worth the wait and with this album you will get to know the real Reece Mastin and not the bubblegum curated “rock star” his old label were trying to make him be. He’s back, real, honest and clearly enjoying making music again.

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