ALBUM REVIEW: Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon


I’m going to put it out there. Lana Del Rey is at times quite overrated. She’s an amazing musician but sometimes I can’t help but question if this would actually get the same reaction if it wasn’t her. Her third studio album sees me experiencing a mix of these feelings. Opening with the cinematic “Honeymoon” she intro’s this album perfectly with a beautiful orchestra structured track that fuses the style of “Born To Die” and “Ultraviolence”. However it seems like she’s trying to please two different fan bases and on a few tracks it sounds lost. While she shows her serious side on “The Blackest Day” and “God Knows I Try” she excels on this record with some quirky production. “Music To Watch Boys To” gives you summer vibes and literally will have you reminiscing over your teenage crushes. “Freak” gives you a grand cirque feel with vivid imagery and sound while “Art Deco” follows it up with a grand production that will have you in awe. “We could slow dance to rock music, kiss while we do it, talk ’til we both turn blue. Baby, if you wanna leave come to California, be a freak like me”. Lana knows how to produce glamorous pop and this album perfectly showcases that. The song that stands out the most is “Swan Song” and with the beautiful lyrics and harmonies you will be moved in only a way that Lana Del Rey could execute so effortlessly. “And I will never sing again and you won’t work another day. I will never sing again with just one wave it goes away, It will be our swan song”. Songs like “Terrence Loves You”, “Religion”, “Salvatore” and “24” are a bit of a bore and could use the skip button. “Honeymoon” is a decent release but I can already safely say it won’t be featured in my top albums of the year.

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