EP PREMIERE: Lucy Neville – Lady


Sydney based musician Lucy Neville is someone who has continued to impress me over the last couple of months. Her debut EP is finally unleashed and cements the star status that this songstress is destined to hit. “Lady” is a strong collection of indie-pop tracks that dabble in electronic and folk elements. Lead single “On My Own” transforms from a synth-piano led verse into an 80’s inspired hook with a slight EDM breakdown, perfectly showcasing the experimentation that is going to be had on this EP. Lyrically the song is very relatable and has the perfect amount of rhetorical sass that you’ve only wished you could’ve said to an ex. “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, I was busy doing nothing. I was waiting for an answer to a question I never asked”. Title track “Lady” is a lot darker and has a heavier electronic focus with a hook that is destined to feature at a summer festival. The EP comes with a bonus orchestral version which adds a new mood and feel to the track. It quickly finishes and could’ve done with an extra chorus as the orchestra builds to a climax which is only shortly lived and let be honest; no one likes a shortly lives climax. Experimenting with a heavier pop influence “One Of Us” sees the birth of a pop anthem that could easily be mistaken for a Ellie Goulding track. The song’s production is slick and will have you bopping along to the infectious hook. Adding versatility to her growing caliber she provides a taste of folk on “If I’ve Got You”. Her vocals have a beautiful angelic angle to them and in this song her high notes will have you in awe. “There’s Light” closes the EP with a vulnerable ballad that sees her take it to the next level on her vocals with some effortlessly executed vocal runs. This EP leaves you wanting to hear more from this incredibly talented and intriguing songstress. If you haven’t discovered Lucy Neville yet then it’s time you become acquainted.

ITUNES: http://bit.ly/lucynevilleLadyEP

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