ALBUM REVIEW: Leona Lewis – I Am


Leona Lewis has had a career full of highs and lows and over the past couple of years her impact on the industry has been quite weak. After leaving Syco Music she has resigned with Island Records to release her fifth studio album. “I Am” has her returning to where it all began, her voice and a piano. This album is dominated by strong, empowering pop ballads that will have you getting lost in their emotional and entrancing melodies. “You Knew Me When” takes the award for the most powerful and intriguing tracks with a polite production that has the mood building and her vocals shining. “You knew me when I was on the edge and my confidence was shattered. You knew me when I didn’t know my worth, didn’t know how much I mattered”. “Thunder”, “Power” and “The Essence Of Me” follow its lead and provide some of the albums strongest and more emotional tracks. She attempts to give you some upbeat pop tracks but the production sounds very off and what we receive on “Ladders” and “Another Love Song” sounds like unmixed demos that incorrectly got added when the album got pressed. She however gets it right on the banger “I Got You” that will have you wanting to run around waving your hands in the air. I wish there were more songs on the album like lead single “Fire Under My Feet” because with its gospel-esq hook I can’t help but be transported to church on that track. The songs have a strong empowerment and forgiveness theme that after the beautiful closing track “Thank You” and title track “I Am” will leave you intrigued about the personal battles that she has faced to write these big tracks. While the album could do without the try hard 80’s inspired pop beats she does impress with her emotionally charged and personal ballads that remind you why she spent 10 billion weeks at the top of the charts with “Bleeding Love”.