SINGLE REVIEW: P!nk – Today’s The Day


Ellen DeGeneres is onto her thirteenth series this year and decided maybe it was about time to upgrade her currently tired theme song. She’s enlisted the help from industry heavyweight P!nk to record a new pop anthem that will instantly get stuck in your head and has already begun to climb the charts. “Today’s The Day” is an uplifting track about making today YOUR day and owning it. “Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for, tomorrow won’t come after all. Yesterday is so far away and today is the only day”.  In the verses it showcases her quirky sense of humour that P!nk fans have come accustomed to before launching into a hook that is super pop and motivational. Like look, this is one song I’m going to be blasting on my morning playlist because it may be a bit cheesy and gimmicky but it succeeds to make you feel good about yourself and more importantly makes you want to DANCE.

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