Reigan – Feels Like Heaven


Sometimes people mistake the power that pop music can have. Often people criticize the cliché elements and the gimmicks some artists use to stay relevant and the reality TV show juggernauts always receive the harsh ridiculing that comes with the pop music territory. But when a pop song is good, it’s GOOD and the emotions it can evoke is a powerful thing. X Factor Australia alumni Reigan has managed to deliver a powerful and infectious feel good track that will have you captivated from the moment you hear the first chorus. “Cause it feels like heaven when your hand’s on my face. Oh it feels like heaven when I’m with you for days”. The production and vocal delivery is reminiscent of Sia and will most likely have some confused listeners reaching for their Shazam. The infectious and radiating emotion vibrates through bright and clear with the hook embodying the raw and positive feeling of falling in love. The guitar and synth beats effortlessly fuse with her harmonies to create a perfect and steady growth throughout the duration of the track. For three and a half minutes it has your forgetting your problems and feeling a pure form of infectious happiness.

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