LIVE REVIEWS: Imagine Dragons – The Riverstage


I see a lot of live acts and sometimes they all blur into each other and other times I walk away impressed but Imagine Dragons conquered something rare, they had me falling in love with music all over again. Opening with “Shots” they had the whole crowds’ attention fixture on them and for the next 90 minutes they didn’t lose focus. Their stage presence is electric and something many bands lack. Lead singer Dan Reynolds commanded the stage effortlessly and grooved his way across the stage and into the crowd to get up close and personal. Both their albums are significantly quite different and I was a bit unsure how these sounds would collide in their live show but they surprisingly fused perfectly. The production enhanced the sound and feel of the show with vivid imagery and an array of strobe lighting that transported you to your favourite festival. The vibe of the show suited the outdoor venue incredibly well and I feel would’ve been slightly lost inside an arena. During “Gold” I looked to the sky and hoped it would rain because it would’ve enhanced the mood perfectly. The show brought many special and epic moments but “It’s Time”, “I’m So Sorry”, “On Top Of The World” and “Radioactive” brought a unique energy that not every live show contains. Looking around at the varied aged crowd I was impressed by the unity and energy there was in the air. Everyone was there for one reason and one reason only, the music. And that’s what it should about. I miss that in shows now, I feel like most of the time people are only at shows to get drunk or because the act is “hot” or the “in” person and tonight that wasn’t the case. The raw talent that was on the stage was immensely impressive and one of my favourite moments was during the stripped down medley of “Amsterdam” and “Tiptoe” that showcased Reynolds vocals and the unique mood-setting production this band ace. Imagine Dragons are an impressive live band and one you need to add to your must see list.

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