EP REVIEW: Troye Sivan – Wild

Troye Sivan WILD

Last year Troye Sivan stepped out of your computer screen and into your airwaves with his catchy indie-pop tunes. A year later he is back with a refined sound and a 6 track “keyhole” to his new material. “Wild” sees gravitating towards an EDM produced indie-pop sound and after a while the beat drops become recycled and boring. “Bite” unimpressed with monotonous vocals and an almost try-hard “indie” production that just seemed very forced for him. Title track “Wild” provides a more commercial approach with an infectious singalong worthy hook and a production that would fit perfectly at a festival. The rest of the EP has a darker mood and “The Quiet” stands out with its reflective lyrics. “Anything hurts less than the quiet”. But it’s the production on “Fools” that had my jaw safely on the ground. The song grows from a simple piano led verse to a slick beat drop that launches the most memorable hook on the EP. The breakdown in the third verse and final hook is going to ignite his live shows (if he ever finally does them) and will easily cement it as your favourite moment on the EP. “Ease” features NZ dynamic duo Broods and looks at being afraid and confused of the life that surrounds him. “Take me back to the basics and the simple life, tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease”. Georgia Nott and his vocals collide so beautifully and bring a unique vulnerable strength to the chorus. I was always expecting to love “DKLA” because it featured Tkay Maidza and when I finally heard the song I was a bit underwhelmed. However after a couple of listens I really started to dig the vibe. Tkay’s rap was a bit too brief and need to be extended just a couple more bars but the impact she had on this song was very significant. If she didn’t feature on it I don’t think the song would have stood out as much as it does.

“Wild” is an interesting look at the direction that he’s steering his sound towards. His debut EP “TRXYE” suffered from repetitive and monotonous concepts and “Wild” starts slightly heading down that path again. The quality of songs are stronger and the refined EDM influenced sound suits his vocals well but he doesn’t really surprise me with any of these songs. It’s how I expected this EP to sound and sometimes it’s nice to not be predictable.

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