SINGLE REVIEW: Ellie Drennan – Ghost


It was no surprise that The Voice Australia provided yet another boring year of lackluster performances and artists with the main entertainment coming from Jessie J’s sassy critiques and fierce outfits. However it may have just given us one of the biggest potentials for a breakthrough artist. Winner Ellie Drennan is only sixteen years old and has a voice that could give you goosebumps even If she sang that terrible Woolworths commercial. Her debut single “Ghost” is a strong indication for what is to come with a catchy hook that showcases her versatility and vocal strength. “Say what you want to say now. I’ll be what I want to be now. Feeling like a ghost sometimes even when you close your eyes”. She also has an acoustic EP available on ITunes which contains original material that puts light on her strong songwriting ability. I really hope that the record company give her full creative control with her music and allow her to make honest and beautiful material because she is so mature beyond her years and has the strongest ability to do well. They also need to let her experiment with music overseas (please send her to Sweden because she would make god like music over there) and let her wow the states and Europe with her powerhouse vocals. She is our answer to Tori Kelly but don’t let that define her. “Ghost” is a fantastic pop song that I’m not even afraid to say I love.

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