ALBUM REVIEW: Ella Eyre – Feline

ella eyre feline

It’s been a long time coming but Ella Eyre has finally unleashed her debut album “Feline” out into the world. This London songstress has one of the most unique and powerful voices in the pop market. Think Adele meets Amy Winehouse and add a bit of Duffy into the mix too and you have the main elements of this 21 year olds vocals. The album delivers strong pop/soul tracks that burst with big EDM inspired breakdowns and big band styled instrumentations which overload you with her feisty personality. These tracks however heavily rely on the Rudimental-esq beats that become boring and repetitive after the first few tracks. “Gravity” and “Together” are incredible tracks that didn’t need the overused beat over the hook and at times I can’t tell which is which. The same happens on one of my favourite tracks “Two” which almost gets ruined by the over production. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better and on this case it is true. More minimalistic production or different sounds would have made these songs more memorable and less repetitive. Saying that all the hooks are infectious and will instantly have you singing and dancing along. “Comeback” still remains to be one of my favourite Ella Eyre tracks because it’s so sassy, honest and the perfect fuck you track. “We’ve all been played, we’ve all get hurt just take that pain and let that motherfucker burn. And you know that in time you will find that they always come back”. The soulful “If I Go” and the beautiful “Even If” showcase her vocal range in an incredible way that will have your jaw resting on the ground. “All About You” and “Typical Me” continue the foot stomping fierce pop anthems that will become instant highlights. “Alone Too” shows a vulnerability which I would have liked to have heard more of while “Always” gives a dance influenced track that made me excited. Some of the tracks on this record are forgettable and rely heavily on this recycled sound that the production annoyingly favours but the majority of the album is likeable and an all round great time.