SINGLE REVIEW: Simple Plan – Boom


It’s been four years since we’ve had a Simple Plan album…. Yeah, it’s very much overdue. The Canadian pop/rock group have finally released the first single from their highly anticipated fifth studio album. They’ve always been borderline pop/rock with gimmicky lead singles but “Boom” takes it to a whole new level. “Jet Lag” was pretty poppy but this new track surpasses that and gives us a hook that is cringe worthy to say the least. “You’re my favorite song, my sing-along, you shine bright like lighters in the dark. And you’re my clarity, the best part of me, you still make my crazy little heart go boom”. They have just recycled old concepts and added a heavier mainstream sound to try keep it fresh but what this song lacks is originality. Lead singer Pierre Bouvier sounds monotonous and could have almost saved the song with a stronger vocal delivery. It’s boring, safe and doesn’t feel like the same genre pushing band I loved when I was a teenager. Next.

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