SINGLE REVIEW: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Downtown


Who doesn’t want a rap song about Mopeds? Like why not, right? Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had me sold the second I heard this line; “you don’t need an Uber, you don’t need a cab, forget a bus pass, you got a moped man”. The salesperson sold him that Moped and he just sold me this song. Okay, so it may be the most ridiculous concept of 2015 but “Downtown” is another future hit for this dynamic duo. The production takes influence from “Uptown Funk” with the big band sound that dominates the verses while I’m also getting some Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” vibes with the vocal delivery of the third verse throwing it back. This is almost the perfect sequel to “Thrift Shop” because it lyrically goes against all hip-hop culture talking about getting a Moped for $800 while every other hip-hop artist has a more expensive taste in songwriting it just comes across more natural, real and every bit hilarious. Their promotional single “Growing Up” showed a vulnerable and emotional side to the rapper surrounding the imminent arrival of his daughter and having to become a father. It was quite a powerful message so it was good to see them back it up with a ridiculous, upbeat and fun concept for this track. It may not be completely original production wise, at least they can say this concept is 100% there’s. The song features multiple collaborators, was it necessary? Not really. Would the song have sounded the same without half of them? Probably. Either way “Downtown” is a pretty slick track that will no doubt go viral and become a song you love to hate and hate to love because it’s so ridiculous that its great.