SINGLE REVIEW: Carrie Underwood – Smoke Break


Sometimes you just need to escape what’s going on in your life even just for a couple of minutes and Carrie Underwood has just released an Country anthem that is all about finding that much needed time. “She said, I don’t drink, But sometimes I need a stiff drink. Sipping from a high, full glass let the world fade away. She said, I don’t smoke but sometimes I need a long drag. Yeah I know it might sound bad but sometimes I need a smoke break”. “Smoke Break” is a twangy Country song that has her ditching the pop fueled fusion that her last album “Blown Away” adopted. It’s a playful song that shows a quirky storytelling side to her that I feel will translate well into her live shows. Her vocals embody the twanginess of the harmony and take a risk in the delivery. It’s been three years in between albums so it’s long overdue that we get new Carrie Underwood music and I have a feeling her new album “Storyteller” won’t disappoint. “Smoke Break” is a strong return to the country music scene and after one listen she will have you hooked, again.

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