ALBUM REVIEW: Gin Wigmore – Blood To Bone


Gin Wigmore is one of my favourite New Zealand musicians and for good reason. Her voice will command your attention with the raw soul, her lyrics will touch you and the hook will have you singing along instantaneously. Over the past couple of years her tracks have been picking up traction in the U.S featuring in multiple ads and movies. Her third studio album “Blood To Bone” picks up where her last record “Gravel And Wine” left off with her infamous raspy vocal wails and alt-blues rock melodies.  “New Rush” was the perfect introduction to this record as it captured the dark and honest mood of the record with a stompy hook and versatile vocal range. And that’s what this album delivers the whole way through. “Nothing To No One”, “Written In The Water”, “In My Way” and my personal favourite “DFU” deliver the best representations of this direction. “Its written in the water, Its everywhere I go, telling me that I should leave you like I did two times before”. She does show a vulnerable side with the stripped down and intimate tracks “Black Parade”, “This Old Heart” and “I Will Love You”. These tracks are very genuine and come across completely natural. Her raw talent doesn’t go unnoticed. At only ten songs long this album is quite short and leaves you wanting more, but if you’re patient enough there is a hidden eleventh track in the third minute of silence after “I Will Love You” finishes. “Blood To Bone” is a strong release that has me praising and joyfully shouting the name Gin Wigmore all over again.

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