ALBUM REVIEW: Jordin Sparks – Right Here, Right Now


There is a lot of talk about Jordin Sparks “finally” maturing and finding her sound with her third studio album but I couldn’t disagree more. This album confuses with a hybrid of RNB and Pop that sees her trying to channel the recent success of Tinashe and Jhene Aiko but she just appears lost. Her first two studio albums leaned towards the more bubblegum pop influence with slight RNB elements and emotional ballads that saw her connecting with her listeners. “Right Here, Right Now” doesn’t have that impact and apart from a couple of standouts it’s very forgettable. Lead single “Double Tap” is a strong contender for worst song of the year with an embarrassing concept of a guy liking another girls Instagram photo. Yes, it’s actually that ridiculous. She delivers three fantastic upbeat RNB jams “It Ain’t You”, “Work From Home” and “Boyz In The Hood” while “Silhouette” showcases a vulnerable side with her incredible vocal range in a smooth RNB Ballad. While these songs are great and will be good additions to her live show the album is over capacity with 10 forgettable tracks that bring no slick hooks, emotion or strong vocal deliveries making this album very weak. It’s been 6 years since her last album, maybe it’s been too long or maybe ex-boyfriend Jason Derulo had too much of a bad influence (cause we all know that his last album was a TANK) and now she’s lost her musical way? Whatever it is this album isn’t a strong comeback and you may find yourself cringing at this awkward attempt of being sexy and “current”.

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