What is a Tringle I hear you ask? Apparently it’s the simultaneous release of three singles at once and your old mate JoJo has decided to implement that for the promotion of her upcoming third studio album. “Too Little Too Late” and “Leave (Get Out)” were two of the best songs of the early 2000’s and she’s re-discovered her pop/RNB roots with these new singles making myself and anyone that grew up with her pop jams very, very excited.

1. “When Love Hurts”: This is the song that will have radio stations adding it on heavy rotation, club DJ’s adding it to their playlists and it simultaneously climbing the charts. Out of the three singles this is the “hit” and with the infectious dance hook and beat drop you can’t help but fall in love with it. The production is immaculate and is perfect for the pop music scene right now. It shows listeners a new, edgier side of the songstress that we didn’t quite hear in 2004 and 2006. “When love hurts, baby, that’s how you know it’s real”

2. “Save My Soul”: Starting off as a piano ballad this track bursts into an upbeat dance ballad that looks at addiction which can be looked at either in the form of a relationship or any form of drug. “I try to wash the scars and marks from under my skin but you’re etched in me like stone”. This is my favourite song out of the three tracks because the raw emotion it evokes is mesmerizing while still being able to deliver a catchy hook.

3. “Say Love”: Continuing the emotional vibe she breaks it down a bit more offering a vulnerable side that looks at wanting more from a relationship and not settling for second best. “When I say love you, you just say me too but I want you to say love”. The production on this ballad is quite minimalistic and offers a simple RNB influenced beat that allows her vocal delivery to drive the song. It’s on this track that you realise how far her vocals have come with a strong improvement from her debut release showing a mature and redefined side of the songstress.

All three songs showcase a different side of JoJo with relatable lyrics, vulnerable deliveries and infectious hooks, so what else would you want or need? #WELCOMEBACKJOJO

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