SINGLE REVIEW: Nick Jonas – Levels


What is this magical “Rooftop” that Nick Jonas wants to desperately take us all to on his new single “Levels”? Honestly I’m still not sure, but apparently he wants to ride an elevator there and “high-five Jesus” at the top. This new song is lyrically a messy and offers no real clear story except that he want to reach the full capacity of a girls love. But the execution is weak and that’s disappointing because his vocal delivery is very slick and shows a sexy side to his register. The production impresses with a strong synth presence and a Pharrell-esq big band sound that electrifies the mediocre hook. It’s no “Chains” or “Jealous” but “Levels” provides strong vocals and great production but lacks in lyrical substance.

Also side note but don’t you think this single artwork looks like a promo poster for Teen Wolf? That’s the sort of vibes it’s giving me right about now.

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