ALBUM REVIEW: Short Stack – Homecoming

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Over a year ago pop punk trio Short Stack announced their return to the music industry after a short lived hiatus. Since then they have released an EP, played a lot of shows and introduced a new wave of fans to their die-hard fan base. Their long awaited third studio album is finally here and is their strongest collection of material yet. “Homecoming” sees a matured style of songwriting and production on the forefront with smart hooks and perfect breakdowns that will leave you wanting more.

“Bad Religion”, “Suburbia” and title track “Homecoming” see the band holding onto their roots and channeling their earlier material with a heavier rock influence. While “Elvis” gives you a more gimmicky take on pop/rock with a catchy and radio friendly hook that will have you singing along undeniably. My favourite track on this album is the infectious “Bambi” that experiments with vocal pace and perfectly elevates the mood into a slick pop hook. “Gravity” was perfectly selected as their new single and lyrically shows a different side to the band with a love theme that is explored. “Now that you’re with him it leaves me breathless, can’t let you go cause loving you is like fighting gravity”. “Parades” is the only ballad on the album and shows a versatility and vulnerable side of Diviney’s vocals that we have only seen a couple of times in the past.

Lead single “Amy” is underwhelming to say the least and along with “Golden Boy” are the only skip-able tracks on this record. Lead singer Shaun Diviney has improved as a vocalist and no longer comes across whiny and hit’s notes that he struggled to previously. He’s now a stronger frontman and this shows not only in their live shows but also in these studio recorded tracks. “Homecoming” is a strong return for Short Stack and will win them over a new legion of fans as well as keeping their already dedicated fan base very, very happy.

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