ALBUM REVIEW: Carly Rae Jepsen – Emotion


“I Really Like You” should have been the song of the summer with its infectious hook, positive lyrics and fun vibes but it never received the heavy push it needed to break through the market. Carly Rae Jepsen knows how to deliver infectious pop tracks and with her follow up album to the 2012 “Kiss” she doesn’t disappoint. Stepping it up lyrically and emotionally she’s opened herself up and has gone toward a new 80’s revival of the big synth pop hooks and guitar driven beats. Opening with the infectious “Run Away With Me” this is one of the only songs that sounds reminiscent to her old sound. It’s a big track that will get stuck inside your head immediately. The drum driven track has been selected as the next single and if radio snubs this track too then I’ve lost hope. Title track “Emotion” introduces the new 80’s inspired synth sound with a hook that gives me massive HAIM vibes. “In your fantasy, dream about me and all that we could do with this emotion”. It will have you grooving along to the melody and “Gimmie Love” continues that with gritty synths and a pure pop hook that will grow on you. “Making The Most Of The Night” is a tad lackluster during the verses but as soon as it hits the hook you will be in love and hooked by the tight production. “I know you’ve had a rough time, here I’ve come to hijack you, I love you. I’m making the most of the night”. She slows it down and gets sexy on the RNB synth ballad “All That” which is an early contender as the best song on the album. “Show me if you want me, If I’m all that. I will be there, I will be your friend”. The sound progression is impressive and shows versatility on this album that heavily relies on pop synths. The Sia co-penned “Boy Problems” is a bubbly pop track that looks at acknowledging you have boy problems and moving on with the help from your friends. It’s a bop that will quickly become a fan favourite. At a first listen I wasn’t overly impressed by “When I Needed You” and “Your Type” but now I’m eatin my words. These songs have grown on me with each listen and have quickly become two of my favourite tracks.

“LA Hallucinations” is an offbeat synth track that could have been received badly or incredibly well. Luckily the experimentation paid off because this Bad Blood-Esque pop stomper will have you wanting to blast it on a road trip and dropping low to it on a dancefloor in the nearby future. The ultimate standout comes from the psychedelic synth bop “Warm Blood” that oozes a completely new sound. It’s captivating, intense and will have you wanting to hear more. It’s a hard track to explain so all I can say is listen to it and allow yourself to be transported to a whole wave of emotions. “And I cannot control it, the way you’re making me feel. And you have got me going, spinning in circles around your warm blood”.

Carly Rae Jepsen has really stepped it up and left the cookie cutter, bubblegum pop sound behind. She’s matured and brought an honest sound to her music and lyrics that you can’t help but love. Her vocals have also improved and don’t come across as whiny with this collection of tracks. The deluxe edition brings three mediocre songs that you don’t need in your life so when you go to listen to this record save yourself a few dollars and stick with the standard. Saying that, “Emotion” is so far one of the best pop albums of 2015.

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