SINGLE REVIEW: Hailee Steinfield – Love Myself


Hailee Steinfield captured everyone’s hearts in Pitch Perfect 2 and has since had a rapid rise to fame. It was inevitable that she was going to be signed to a record label and release a single but I don’t think anyone thought it was going to be THIS good. “Love Myself” is Steinfield’s debut single and it is one of the catchiest and best pop songs of right now. While her peers are singing about break ups, sex and parties she takes a different route for this track and sings about the importance of loving yourself. “I love me! Gonna love myself, no, I don’t need anybody else”. It’s an important social message that isn’t covered enough in music and using this massive platform to share that is very impactful. ‘I’ll take it nice and slow, feeling good on my own without you. Got me speaking in tongues, the beautiful, it comes without you”. The upbeat pop hook will be instantly stuck in your head with its slick production that allows her raw vocals to shine during the verses. “Love Myself” is the right amount of pop injected pop/dance beats and self love awareness that it doesn’t feel cheesy or gimmicky, it just feels right.

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