LIVE REVIEW: Olly Murs – Brisbane Convention Centre


Two years prior I stood in the same venue seeing Olly Murs, the excitement was electric, the venue was packed and he was at the top of his game. This time around a significantly smaller crowd filtered through the arena with no real energy signaling that maybe he wasn’t at his peak anymore. Whatever the reason may be for the small crowd as soon as the lights went down he had the crowd on their feet and eating out of his palm. Opening with the massive singalong “Heart Skips A Beat” he hit the stage running and showed off his boyband-esq moves before shaking his booty for the crowd during “Did You Miss Me”. “Ladies, did you miss me?” he continually asked the crowd and with the 90% female crowd responded with high pitch screams, so I guess they did. The setlist was primarily dominated by tracks from his average new album “Never Been Better” but luckily he only selected the highlights to give the crowd including “Seasons”, “Hope What You Came For”, “Wrapped Up”, “Let Me In” and the title track. Support act and incredible vocalist Anja Nissen was halfheartedly welcomed on stage by the audience for a performance of his only real hit from the new album, “Up”. The rest of the setlist showcased his hits and fan favourites; “Hand On Heart”, “Dear Darlin”, “Right Place Right Time”, “Hey You Beautiful” and “Dance With Me Tonight”. Throughout the whole show Olly showed off his undeniable charm, hilarious banter and standout vocals. His band also delivered an incredible live sound that brought some of the B-side tracks to life and captured the essence that some lacked to deliver in the studio versions. Closing the show out with a “funk medley” and his smash hit “Troublemaker” he had the audience leaving wanting to see him again. While he didn’t have a sellout crowd or the most enthusiastic one at times, he did give a killer performance that proved why he still deserves to be on that stage.

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