SINGLE REVIEW: One Direction – Drag Me Down

1d dmd

There’s no denying that One Direction’s music has progressively lost the spark over the last couple of years and with the band down one member I was unsurprisingly not expecting much from their upcoming single. But boy was I wrong. “Drag Me Down” is being served as the lead single for their fifth studio album and it is by far their strongest release. This song offers a mature side musically and lyrically with a heavy experimentation with rock elements. This song could have easily been a Fall Out Boy song with a similar instrumentation in the chorus to “My Song Know What You Did The Dark”. This is the sound I have wanted them to go towards for a long time and we have caught glimpses of it with “Midnight Memories”, “Little White Lies” and “Stockholm Syndrome” but maybe now they’ve realised this is the sound for them. It suits their vocal strengths and at the moment they have to play on that as Zayn Malik was the only member who could hit the high notes that made their songs extra memorable. The hook is infectious and will instantly get stuck in your head. “All my life you stood by me, when no one else was ever behind me. All these lights they can’t blind me, with your love nobody can drag me down”. They’ve stepped it up with their music, now all they have to focus on is putting on an entertaining live show which over the last two years has proved to be difficult for them.

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