SINGLE REVIEW: Lucy Neville – On my Own


Nineteen year old Sydney based songstress Lucy Neville is bursting onto the pop scene with a debut single that is bound to excite any indie-pop enthusiast. “On My Own” explores the elements of indie pop and EDM transforming her Ellie Goulding sounding vocals into a big hook that would fit perfectly at a summer music festival. The texture constantly grows from a synth-piano led verse before adding a retro 80’s sound to perfectly segue into a light EDM inspired breakdown. Lyrically the song is very relatable and has the perfect amount of rhetorical sass that you[ve only wished you could’ve said to an ex. “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, I was busy doing nothing. I was waiting for an answer to a question I never asked”. “On My Own” is the lead single from her upcoming debut EP “Lady” which is due to be released on 18 September 2015. If this song is anything to judge by then this five track EP may just be what the Australian pop scene needs as it’s fresh, catchy and intriguing. Discover the enchanting Lucy Neville now;


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