SINGLE REVIEW: Havana Brown feat. Bebe Rexha & Savi – Battle Cry


Australian producer, DJ and songstress Havana Brown has been absent from the pop game and has been withdrawing some new tunes from our airwaves. “Battle Cry” sees her returning with an urban influenced pop track that experiments with a more delicate sound. The guitar, synths and beats collide to create an uplifting sound that could’ve sounded messy but instead worked extremely well. “And I don’t wanna know the reasons why. I don’t wanna know you deep inside. And I don’t wanna hear the twisted lie. I don’t want to use my battle cry”. The melody is very similar to The Voice US Alum Melanie Martinez’ “Soap” with the quirky bubble pops and dramatic hook. The song features Bebe Rexha and Savi but after multiple listens I still can’t vocally pick them out in the track which is not a good thing. If you are going to do a collaboration with someone then make sure they have their time to shine and bring something different. This song doesn’t allow that and if I hadn’t seen the credits then I would have thought it was a solo Havana song. After a couple of listens I fell in love with this track, its catchy, uplifting and just purely great. It’s not as gimmicky as some of her other tracks and allows the lyrics to tell the story with some impressive production providing a great soundtrack.

Also, check out the western themed music video below, Its super fun, quirky and just the right amount of campy goodness.

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