LIVE REVIEW: Splendour In The Grass 2015 – DAY THREE


Day three of Splendour In The Grass is always a tad exhausting and bittersweet. You don’t want it to finish but you can’t wait to be back in your own bed and sleeping pattern again. Luckily this year the lineup offered a bit of bit of a later start for the artists I wanted to catch with MO taking to the Mix Up stage in the midafternoon. The Danish songstress was ridiculed for her live performance on SNL with Iggy Azalea so I wasn’t expecting much from her live performance, but the girl BROUGHT it and stepped it up to a whole new level. Her energy on stage was electric, her vocals were slick and her dancing was on point. She grooved her way through “Pilgrim”, “Don’t Wanna Dance”, “One More” and “Slow Love” with the crowd vibing along. Closing her set with “Lean On” she quickly transformed the tent into a massive dance party with everyone launching themselves in the air before she said goodbye to the crazy crowd.

Melbourne indie pop outfit Alpine exploded onto the stage with their crazy drunken shenanigans and gave the crowd a messy but fitting performance. Both lead singers were clearly “out of it” with Phoebe falling to the ground for a couple of minutes with her head to the stage. At times their drunken craziness was fun and slightly perfect but at other times it was cringing and embarrassing to watch. Highlights of their set included “Crunches”, “Foolish”, “Shot Fox”, “Damn Baby” and the super infectious “Gasoline. Their vocals didn’t suffer so I guess that’s a plus.

Watching acts that are genuinely excited and grateful to be on the stage they are performing on will always be a special moment and Ms Mr were no exception. It wasn’t long into their set that lead singer Lizzy told the crowd how excited they were to be back at Splendour and playing tracks from their new album for the adoring crowd. She had me captivated from the second her beaming smile radiated through the exhausted crowd. Opening with “Reckless” they gave the crowd some of their best material from their new album including “Tripolar”, “No Guilt In Pleasure”, “Painted”, “How Does It Feel”, “Leave Me Alone” and the new single/pure pop bop “Criminals”. They also made sure to deliver some old favourites including “Fantasy”, “Hurricane”, “Bones”, “Dark Doo Wop” and “Salty Sweet” to keep the long term fans very happy. Their crowd interaction was beautiful and honest and when she wasn’t gawking over the crowd she was dancing to her hearts content and making sure all eyes were on her.

After MS MR’s fantastic set I finished the day off watching the final two songs of Megan Washington’s set at the GW Tent. “My Heart Is A Wheel” and “Sunday Best” closed the 80’s throwback prom inspired set. I can’t really review too much as I only witnessed two songs but after witnessing her multiple times live this was the worst I’ve heard her sound.  The lighting was very dark and at times during the final two songs you lost her and didn’t quite reflect well on the kick ass vibe she was trying to deliver.

Splendour In The Grass 2015 was a massive success. I discovered some great new artists, fell even more in love with some of my favourites, regret some of the timetable clashes I chose and rediscovered my love for the majestic Florence + The Machine. So yeah Splendour you out did yourself this year. But maybe next year you should re-name yourself “Splendour In The Mud” because that’s a tad more fitting.

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