SINGLE REVIEW: Bonnie Anderson – Unbroken


Over the past two years Bonnie Anderson has been releasing some strong pop songs that never charted the way they should have. With her fourth single “Unbroken” she has decided to take a new approach and deliver an empowering anthem-esq track that she’s hoping will connect with people on an emotional and lyrical level. The track begins with a gritty guitar and drum beat that gave me some serious 2006/7 RNB vibes but quickly changes with the bridge influencing a gospel hook. She took the saying “take me to church” a bit too seriously and while her vocals are incredible and showcase her range extremely well the hook is too in your face and cliché. “Cause you’re a lover, born to be a fighter. Walking on the water, lighting up the dark. We are soldiers, marching through the fire. That is to get stronger, makes us who we are, we are Unbroken”. It’s all a bit too much at once and feels very disjointed with the verses offering a completely different vibe. Vocally this is her strongest track but commercially it isn’t very likeable and sadly will struggle to make any traction.

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