EP REVIEW: Little Sea – With You, Without You


Little Sea have exploded onto the Australian pop scene after supporting 5 Seconds Of Summer on their sold out theatre tour in 2014 and with their catchy tracks it’s hard not to like them. I was very unsure about these guys with their sudden rise to fame because of association and after seeing them live on the Amplify tour they caught my ear and my attention. Their second EP “With You, Without You” is compiled of well-crafted pop/rock tracks that burst with great hooks and ooze infectious toe-tapping beats. Opening with “Back To You” this is one of the most different sounding tracks on the EP and gives a more alternative approach in their production compared to the pop driven tracks they have previously released. “Friends” is an immediate highlight with a chorus that will create the perfect gig singalong moment. The sound is reminiscent of The 1975 but with a pop offering. “I Don’t Wanna Leave” continues the indie-pop sound with a cute track that will have their adolescent fans quoting lyrics on social media. It was one of my instant favourites while listening to the EP however I did cringe during this line; “Watching Netflix till we see the moon”. It’s very cliché and surely there were more “sophisticated” options than that for the main hook. “Red Lights” is the only song that I felt didn’t offer anything new or substantially unique. The song is skippable, forgettable and compared to the others is a bit of a snooze. Closing the EP is recent single “Change For Love” which is the most pop influenced track and is that song everyone would hold their phone lights up during their live show. It was an interesting choice as lead single when you have “I Don’t Wanna Leave” and “Friends” being a lot more instantly likeable and commercial while representing their sound better. Lead vocalist Andy Butler rounds out the sound with well executed vocals that experiment with his range and technique. “With You, Without You” is a strong release that sees them maturing and growing a lot since the release of their lackluster debut EP “Wake The Sun”. Their rise to fame is rapidly growing and if they can keep delivering well produced tracks like these then they may just be able to successfully break the overseas market as well.

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