The power of social media is pretty incredible and New York songstress Halsey discovered that after posting an original track titled “Ghost” on Soundcloud and watching it go viral. She was soon signed to Astralwerks Records and released her debut EP “Room 93” in October 2014 which offered five incredible indie pop tracks. The 20 year old vocalist has a raw vocal strength that is similar to the likes of Lights and an early Ellie Goulding. The production is very similar to those artists with a synth led indie pop driven sound that perfectly accompanies her haunting vocals. “Is There Somewhere” opens the EP with an intriguing and dark song about falling for someone. “I’m sorry but I fell in love tonight. I didn’t mean to fall in love tonight. You’re looking like you fell in love tonight. Could we pretend that we’re in love?”. Her songwriting is quite open and resonates well with the listener. “Ghost” takes it to a new level with an urban influenced verse that mellows out into a pop hook. This is the song that started it all for Halsey and with the unique sound it’s not hard to understand why people were so intrigued. “Empty Gold” brings a grittier sound that relies on hard synths and drums to give a new shade to her vocals and techniques. The song that got me really intrigued and excited about her was “Trouble” (Stripped). This piano led ballad allows her vocals to take you on a unique storytelling journey of emotions. “Let’s cause a little trouble. Oh, you make me feel so weak. I bet you kiss your knuckles right before they touch my cheek”. The song stands out as one of her most intimate and raw thoughts. Halsey will release her debut album “Badlands” on August 28 and will embark on a world tour to promote the record. The album is said to focus on the urban and synth side of her songs which is a departure from the dreamy indie-pop that we experienced on “Room 93” so it will be interesting to see how it’s executed. Halsey has a lot of talent and if you haven’t discovered her intriguing sounds yet then its about time you do.

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