LIVE REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots – The Met


It’s become apparent that The Met probably isn’t the best live music venue with a strange set up that will have you with a restricted (and if at all any) view if you aren’t on the first of the three levels. With a sold out crowd on Saturday night if you weren’t lining up for hours before doors then you probably were probably in the same boat as me and weren’t able to see the band on stage and were forced to have an audio experience. Twenty One Pilots are one of my favourite live bands and with their unique stage presence they never fail to impress. Opening with “Heavydirtysoul” they sent the all ages crowd into pandemonium with their arrival launching into a setlist that was perfectly balanced with old and new material. After the first couple of tracks I decided to force my way downstairs so I could actually see what was happening on stage and thankfully I did because if I missed witnessing this energetic show I would’ve been devastated. Tyler Joseph is a freak of nature when it comes to live performances bouncing across the stage singing live and playing keys on the majority of the tracks he gives a lot of lead singers a run for their money. During “Car Radio” he ran into the crowd and climbed into one of the clubs exotic dancers cages and delivered the final chorus with hilarious conviction. The crowd lapped up every moment of the show and with a curfew placed on the venue the band had very minimal banter and focused on giving their fans as many songs as possible. Highlights from the show included “Stressed Out”, “Holding Onto You”, “Tear In my heart”, “Migraine, “The Run And Go” as well as a surprising cover of “No Woman, No Cry” that perfectly segued into “Ride”. Stepping in front of the drum kit Joshua Dunn joined Tyler into the crowd to play the final drum solo of “Trees” while standing on top of the audiences shoulders which made for a perfect ending to their hour long set.

Twenty One Pilots never fail to impress me live, I just wish everyone that attended that show had the chance to witness that. But with rumours flying around you may have the chance to see them again down under very soon….

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