SINGLE REVIEW: Travie McCoy Feat. Sia – Golden


My love and respect for Travie McCoy and Sia as artists and songwriters is very high so when I heard that they were conjoining forces on McCoy’s solo return I was ecstatic to say the least. With these two hit makers collaborating I was expecting a track that wouldn’t leave my head for days and have my “repeat” button getting a work out but the end result is far from that. “Golden” is a mediocre pop/rap song that see’s both artists recycling vocal techniques and harmonies from their previous hits. The song sounds unoriginal and the chorus is almost tacky and uninspiring to the emotions it attempts to make you feel. “Don’t fear baby, cause you and me are golden. When you can’t breathe, it’s you that I’ll be holding. Yes, I’m all in, through thick and thin. This is good loving, you and me are golden.”. Mccoy’s raps are also very standard compared to the usual quirkiness he delivers with Gym Class Heroes and sounds very forced. “Golden” was written and produced to do well at radio and with the right generic formula it most likely will because it’s catchy enough to make you not want to change stations. However this isn’t the chart topping success I was expecting or wanting and I just hope for his sake that he has something stronger ready to release soon.

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