ALBUM REVIEW: Giorgio Moroder – Deja Vu


Giorgio Moroder has been called the pioneer of synth disco and EDM and with 46 years in the industry he has earned that title with countless chart topping collaborations and hypnotizing dance tracks. His last album was released in 1985 and thirty years on he is ready to ready to give disco fans some new bops. “Déjà Vu” is his seventeenth studio album and he has called on some of the industry’s heavyweights to help bring this album to life. With collaborations from Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Sia, Kelis, Charli XCX, Foxes and Mikky Ekko there are some guaranteed tunes that will make you dance. However a majority of this album is quite forgettable and fails to deliver the Moroder magic that you are used to. One of the most anticipated songs from “Déjà Vu” was the title track featuring Sia and with these two music geniuses combining forces you would expect something massive. The result is quite lackluster and recycles a retro disco beat that doesn’t allow Sia to showcase her insane vocal range. Charli XCX gives her UK pop spin on “Diamonds” with her easily recognizable vocals  along with an infectious hook and beat that will grow on you after a couple of listens. Britney Spears brings her auto tune greatness to a cover of “Tom’s Diner” and Moroder’s production on this track is spot on. It brings a whole new sound and atmosphere to the track which will no doubt be playing in gay clubs soon. Kylie Minogue provides vocals on my favourite song from the album “Right Here, Right Now”. This song is the ultimate pop track and will be stuck in your head after a first listen. It’s classic Moroder and shows a cool side to Kylie which has been missing from her music recently. I was most excited to hear the Foxes collaboration “Wildstar” and while the verses were promising the hook failed to deliver the magic this song needed to be memorable. This is also the problem with “Tempted” featuring Matthew Koma and “I Do This For You” featuring Marlene. There are three solo instrumental tracks featured on the album which allow Moroder to showcase his production on a bigger scale. However all three of these tracks fail to make a heavy impact with “74 Is The New 24” being the closest to a club ready track. There are a couple of surprising collaborations that quickly become standout favourites and one of them is the Mikky Ekko bop “Don’t Let Go”. The piano track grows with the addition of synths and disco beats that explode during the chorus. Kelis also brings a cool vibe on “Back & Forth” that is retro disco at its best. You will literally find yourself body rolling and grinding to this track.

As the pioneer of EDM I was expecting a larger EDM influence and experimentation but this record really relied on his disco caliber. As a return to music this album will not make a massive dent but if you do listen to it you will discover a couple of cool tracks that will make you fall in love with disco all over again.

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