SINGLE REVIEW: Dami Im – Smile


X Factor Australia winner Dami Im had a big year last year with the release of her debut original album “Heart Beats” as well as celebrating the international success of “Super Love”. After touring with John Legend she returned to the studio to work on her follow up sophomore release. The first single “Smile” sees her channeling the 50’s pop sound Meghan Trainor has made popular in mainstream culture. Dami is very likeable and this infectious pop track shows a fun and carefree side to her. While it is very gimmicky and at times almost cringe worthy you can’t help but bop along and smile (no pun intended). “You gotta live your life, you gotta treat you right, you gotta give into the great thing appetite. You gotta shake it up, you gotta hold it down, you gotta do all the things that make you smile”. The lyrics are all about loving and appreciating yourself and doing all the simple things in your life to make yourself smile and be ultimately happy. It’s a positive message that is lacking in mainstream radio at the moment but with this particular song I don’t see it making the airwaves as regularly as the record company is hoping. It’s a bit too “kid friendly” that it almost sounds like it belongs on a Wiggles album.

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