SINGLE REVIEW: Bonnie McKee – Bombastic


How did Bonnie McKee go from writing some of the biggest pop songs of the past 5 years to the embarrassing “Bombastic”? Those were my exact thoughts when listening to this tacky travesty of a song. The synth-dance track sees her auto-tuned to the max during the cringing verses before channeling Ke$ha on a catchy bridge. However it’s the chorus that makes no sense with its heavy rock influenced hook that tries to ignite a new sound but just sounds confused. As a lead single for her new EP it probably wasn’t the smartest career move and will have radio snubbing the unlikeable track. Her last attempt at a solo career was the infectious “American Girl” which was bubblegum pop at its finest and while it struggled to make a dent on the charts it was a 2013 summer jam. “Bombastic” sadly won’t follow that trend and will quickly be forgotten about.

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