EP REVIEW: Reece Mastin – Rebel And The Reason


Leaving his major record label and going independent was one of the best career moves Reece Mastin could have ever made. He was an artist trying to be true to his rock roots but was having to release glorified pop/rock to stay relevant and crack the charts. His debut EP on Social Family Records shows listeners exactly what sort of artist he wants to be. While none of these songs are going to dominate the charts or get major radio play what is important is that he’s releasing awesome music. Lead single and title track “Rebel And The Reason” is a powerful rock ballad that showcases his strong vocal ability and reminds you why Australia fell in love with him in 2011. The music video is just as powerful and is a tasteful awareness video for domestic violence. But it’s the rock and synth influenced tracks ‘Give It To Me Straight” and “Sleep When you’re Dead” that standout as highlights with their dark and pulse racing sound. “Keep On Walking” is the classic rock track that he was born to record and will ignite his live show. Taking influences from Jimmy Barnes his vocals are intoxicating and demanding. The only song on the release that left me wanting to push the skip button was the mediocre “NRDIE” but let’s be honest there always has to be at least one. The songs have matured significantly from the gimmicky pop tracks he was releasing and sees him growing as a songwriter and musician. Lyrically he is more honest and provocative addressing relationships on a deeper level. Reece Mastin is finally on the right track and releasing music he believes in and this collection of songs is a testament to that.

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