SINGLE REVIEW: Joelle – Wish I Never


Ever since competing on The X Factor Australia in 2013 Joelle has relocated to Los Angeles and has been releasing music independently. The RNB diva has been workshopping her sound and so far has given us the catchy synth & drum led “Save Me” and the mediocre RNB ballad “Balance”. Her third single “Wish I Never” is her strongest yet and channels the sound Tinashe has made popular in the mainstream RNB market. This beat driven RNB track shows a vulnerable side of Joelle that translates well lyrically and vocally. She has always been compared to the likes of Rihanna for her vocal ability and if this track hit radio people would probably mistake it for her or Tinashe. The production is perfectly executed and allows the song to build with the addition of electric guitar and synths and continues to keep you entranced. After a couple of listens you will be hooked. It’s catchy, likeable and most importantly relatable. “And if I could I’d just forget about you. And if I could I’d just delete you from my history, keep you as a mystery to leave the possibility of there being a you and me”. It’s already receiving a lot of traction online and has the potential to break the mainstream market. “Wish I Never” is a strong release and if you haven’t heard of Joelle yet then this is the perfect time to get acquainted.

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