ALBUM REVIEW: Zedd – True Colors


If anyone asks, Calvin Harris it the IT man in EDM and deservingly so. However 25 year old Zedd is on a mission to change that. His rise to fame came pretty quickly after “Clarity” became a breakthrough hit and topped the charts globally before doing it all again with “Stay The Night”. It’s been three years since this happened and he’s been touring the world and collaborating with the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. He has a brilliant ear for music but I’m not sure if I would call him a top notch EDM producer just yet. His forte is quite obviously pop and he should embrace that. His second studio album “True Colors” is a collection of confused songs that have all been put together and given the record company’s seal of approval. The lead single “I Want You To Know” featuring Selena Gomez is a lackluster pop track that irritates with an overly used EDM drop and snooze worthy hook. It should have been the song of the summer but it just wasn’t. “Addicted To A Memory”, “Daisy”, “True Colors”, “Straight Into The Fire” and “Illusion” follow the same formula and are worthy of the skip button. “Done With Love” brings a cool drum and bass EDM sound that will be a highlight in his live set but it’s nothing groundbreaking and features elements that have been over used recently. The most exciting song on the record comes in the form of a collaboration with pop protégé Troye Sivan. “Papercut” is an epically produced 7 minute pop gem that transforms from a piano led intro into a mid-tempo EDM banger. It’s not over produced and is one of the only original sounding tracks on this collection. Closely following is the standout “Transmission” featuring Logic and X Ambassadors. The hook is pop driven but the verses explode with a fiery rap that show a different side to Zedd’s production work. The problem with the majority of this album is that it all sounds way too similar and nothing stands out as groundbreaking or new. As an EDM or pop producer you need to be able to start new trends and have the ear for the next big thing and this record doesn’t show any real form of that. With a lot of hype surrounding this album you can’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed but I guess if your just looking for some pop influenced EDM to pre-drink to before a night out then you may have just found what you’re looking for.

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