NEW MUSIC: Adam Lambert – A Taste Of The Original High


Glamberts rejoice! You’ve been waiting for new music since 2012 and with a world tour with Queen under his belt, a darker sound and a new record company Adam Lambert is ready to give you his all. Lead single “Ghost Town” hasn’t been the smash hit everyone was expecting from the Max Martin produced dance but so he’s giving fans a couple of bonus promo singles to keep the anticipation building. Taken from his third studio album “The Original High” these three tracks see him further experimenting with dark synths while trying to keep his glam roots intact. They are all more instantly likeable than the moody “Ghost Town” so I’m now questioning why it was chosen as a lead single over something like “Evil In The Night”.


Adam Lambert knows how to belt out an incredible ballad and what happens when you mix that with dark synths? Well, “Underground” is born. The emotion that a raw piano version would have embodied is misguided slightly but the mood that the synths add is intriguing. You can’t help but groove along slightly and hang off each word he says. This is a song that grows on you and is not one radio would consider playing but it will become a fan favourite on “The Original High”.


The dark synths continue and this time bring to life a funky pop track that will quickly become a highlight in his live set. Lyrically it’s quirky and reminiscent of his early material and it’s great to see that playful side of him again. “My life flashed before my eyes. Razor blade lips and daggers up in your eyes. Baby, your love is a crime, danger by day, but you’re evil in the night”. Out of the tracks released this is my favourite as it’s easy to listen to and incorporates all the elements I love of his unique sound and voice.


This is the traditional mid break up anthem that fans will be quoting on social media for months to come. “No I don’t give a fuck if the sun comes up, yeah It’s just another day, another lonely night. I would do anything to have you by my side”. It may be a tad cheesy but with an easy dance beat and Lamberts trademark vocals you can’t help but feel the warmth.

One Reply to “NEW MUSIC: Adam Lambert – A Taste Of The Original High”

  1. Adam always gives us his all. Every single time.
    ‘Lead single “Ghost Town” hasn’t been the smash hit everyone was expecting ‘ – that’s a load of crap, dude. It was just released. It takes time for a new song to get played on radio, gets adds, etc. unless you’re Taylor Swift. It’s been gaining momentum steadily on the charts and radio. Secondly, it isn’t the reason the other songs were released. They were planned releases, we’ve known all along that if you PRE-ORDER THE ALBUM “The Original High,” then you’d get these songs for immediate download – it’s to gain interest in the album. Marketing strategy.
    I also don’t believe that he’s “trying to keep his glam roots intact.” Where do you come up with this stuff? Also, many in the industry, radio, etc. absolutely LOVE the single “Ghost Town,” and say it’s a “game-changer.”
    I 100% disagree that radio wouldn’t play “Underground.” Why would you think they wouldn’t?

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