SINGLE REVIEW: Rita Ora – Poison


I began to question what was more likely; Rita Ora releasing a new single or Michael Jackson touring. The Michael Jackson option seemed a bit more attainable. But after a lot of musical setbacks, fashion ventures and waiting Rita Ora is ready to give us a new single to officially launch the promotion for album number 2. “Poison” is the gooey pop track you need in your life. It’s the type of song you want to blast in your car, in the city, at work and lip synch for your life in the bedroom to. The concept is very basic and the lyrics are quite cheesy but it works so well and is easily relatable. “I pick my poison and it’s you. Nothing could kill me like you do. You’re going straight to my head and I’m heading straight for the edge”. Her vocals as always are spot on but with a mediocre high note at the end of the bridge I was left wanting something bigger. It’s instantly likeable and continually grows on you with each listen. It’s not as flawless as “I Will Never Let You Down” but as a lead single it has everything you could want/need; an infectious hook, quotable lyrics and a well-produced beat.

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