LIVE REVIEW: Nickelback – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


What started off as ironically wanting to see Nickelback live turned into genuine excitement. Going through their greatest hits you can’t deny that you know the majority of the lyrics and that you rock out to them when they play on the radio. Yes, they may be one of the most hated and ridiculed bands but they also have one of the most supportive fanbases. Walking into the Brisbane Entertainment Centre the first thing I noticed was that it was a nearly capacity crowd with a bigger attendance than the Alice Cooper and Motley Crue gig the night before. Opening with “Million Miles An Hour” from their recent “No Fixed Address” album was a risky move but the high energy rock song had enough stamina to kick off the show with a real bang. Launching into a two hour show of jokes, beer and sing-a-longs lead vocalist Chad Kroeger welcomed the crowd to what he labelled as his most anticipated Australian show. He then went on to explain that it was in the exact same arena that he wrote ‘Animals” backstage at one of their first Australian shows. And it was cool anecdotes like this that kept on coming throughout the night. The majority of the setlist was greatest hits and they didn’t muck around from giving the fans what they wanted with “Something In Your Mouth”, “Photograph”, “Gotta Be Somebody” and “Far Away” played early on in the show. Half way through the show Kroeger decided the crowd didn’t look drunk enough so he invited support band Monster Truck on stage to help throw out cups of Beer while playing a cover of Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets”. Watching people run around trying to catch these cups was HILARIOUS and a tad ridiculous. The hits continued to roll with “Too Bad”, “Someday” and “Animals” while new favourites “She Keeps Me Up” and “When We Stand Together” were added respectively. One of the most unique parts of the show was a crowd karaoke session where Kroeger successfully led the arena in a sing-a-long to “Summer Of ‘69” and “Hotel California”. What happened next though was a tad confusing. Girls all around the arena started flashing their boobs during “Rockstar” and I honestly never expected to see that happen at a Nickelback show but it did. Closing out the show with “Figured You Out”, “How You Remind Me’ and “Burn It To The Ground” the band had the crowd jumping up and down and singing back every word without any pass of judgement. Chad Kroeger is the perfect frontman, he’s hilarious, charismatic and can sing like no tomorrow. While the production was quite low for their standards the show really managed to impress with the seamless on stage banter between the members and crowd. You might be reading this review rolling your eyes and not believing a word I wrote but in the end these guys played to 13,000+ people on Wednesday night, what did you do?

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