LIVE REVIEW: Motley Crue & Alice Cooper – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


I always found the billing of the Motley Crue and Alice Cooper a tad confusing as Cooper has had more hits and his stage charisma is a bit more engaging. So the billing of him as a special guest was a tad strange.  Anyway, with the curtain dropping Alice Cooper emerged on stage singing “Department Of Youth” with fireworks alerting his entrance. Launching into an hour set he gave the crowd what they wanted; hits, hits and more hits. “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “Under My Wheels” and “Eighteen” saw him warming the crowd up and drawing them in with a lot of basic crowd interaction. “Billion Dollar Babies” began the theatrical segment of the show with Cooper throwing his infamous billion dollar bills into the crowd before he was attacked with massive syringes during “Poison”. “Welcome To My Nightmare” had him bring a special guest on stage…. A snake, which wrapped itself around his and slithered around him. Always taking it to the next level, for “Feed My Frankenstein” he had a giant Frankenstein running around the stage chasing the band while they played their solos. It wouldn’t be an Alice Cooper show without the stray jacket performance of “Ballad Of Dwight Fry” and a beheading with a guillotine during “Killer”. Closing the show out with “Schools Out” he had the crowd singing along while trying to catch the giant balloons that were floating around the arena. His set was highly theatrical and very entertaining. However if you have seen him live from 2011 onwards then you aren’t witnessing anything new. The show is a revamped and shorter version of his 2011 “No More Mr Nice Guy” and attending that tour I was slightly disappointed that there were no additions to the set. His band have changed slightly but as a collective they sound as unified as ever. At 67 years old Alice Cooper has still got it, delivering a brilliantly creepy and entertaining set he left you nothing but impressed.

Looking around the arena you could tell who were here to see Alice Cooper and who was here to see Motley Crue. The bandana, flanny wearing, teased hair crowd showed their excitement when the lights dimmed and the opening notes of “Saints Of Los Angeles” welcomed Motley Crue on stage for what would be their final tour. The setlist was highlighted with greatest hits and fan favourites that the majority of the crowd got into. There was a lot going on onstage with fireworks, bikini clad girls running around, fire burts but nothing could save the boring personality of lead singer Vince Neil. Everything was put on and his on stage persona was flat, annoying, and slightly boring. “Motherfucker Of The Year”, “Dr Feelgood” and “Looks That Kill” were early on set highlights but it was Tommy Lee’s drum solo that had me really excited. With a rollercoaster track going through the middle of the arena you couldn’t help but be excited to see it in action. And so began his drum solo that had him airbourne and onto the track that……. didn’t work. Massive let down. He was meant to play his solo while going around upside down on the roller-coaster track and its meant to be one hell of a spectacle. Nikki Sixx had the awkward job of following that up with a guitar solo and with fire bursting from his guitar I was slightly impressed. I was really preparing for an awesome stage show of greatest hits that had me rocking out and singing along for two hours but what I got left me leaving to go home 45 minutes early. Their show was full of gimmicks but not a lot else.

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