ALBUM REVIEW: Pitch Perfect 2 Soundtrack


In 2012 you were pitch slapped HARD. Three years on the sequel will hit you harder with stronger jokes and storyline but the music lacks the wow impact the original hard. Opening with a seamless Barden Bellas medley of “Timber”, We Got The World”, “America The Beautiful” and “Wrecking Ball” it took you right back to why you fell in love with original movie in the first place. The harmonies are on point and Fat Amy’s “Wrecking Ball” solo is hilariously perfect. The Treblemakers make their only solo appearance with a random song choice of “Lollipop” from Mika. While it was executed well the song choice could have been a LOT better and more relevant. Song choice was a major problem for the Pitch Perfect 2 with a lot stronger and more obvious choices overlooked. The Barden Bellas perform a mash up of Nero’s hit “Promises” and Natalia Kills’ forgettable “Problem” which had me questioning the musical director. The newest addition to the Pitches is a German acapella group called Das Sound Machine. Their offerings on the soundtrack are unique and interesting. Combining rock, dubstep and acapella is a hard task and they execute it perfectly with a cover of Muse’s “Uprising” and a mash up of Fall Out Boy “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” and Tpain’s “All I Do Is Win”. Their over pronunciation of the German accent is at times frustrating but once you get over that little hurdle their covers are highly enjoyable. The Riff Off was a highly popular segment from the original movie and the sequel offers a just as exciting one. With Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Flo Rida, Destiny Child, Vanessa Carlton and Sir Mix-a-Lot as some of the memorable victims the acapella teams give justice to these songs and create some epic sing-a-long moments. Bumper and Fat Amy get a duet of “We Belong” which is hilarious in the movie but I wouldn’t want to listen to it in any other context. Same with Bumpers Voice audition to “All Of Me” and Snoop Doggs Pitch Perfect inspired Christmas carol. Hilarious in the movie but skip worthy on the soundtrack. Rounding it all off is the final championship medley of “Run The World (Girls)”, “Where Them Girls At”, “Lady Marmalade”, “We Belong”, “Timber” and “Flashlight”. In the first movie the final medley was the standout highlight and the touching moment that tied everything together. This time around it didn’t have that affect but saying that the addition of an all original song written by Sia and Sam Smith was quite powerful and a smart business move. The movie version is a bit flat compared to the Jessie J version which has been serviced to radio and rapidly climbing the charts. The hook is infectious and will have you singing along in your head for hours after hearing it. I was definitely expecting a stronger soundtrack from Pitch Perfect 2 but in the movie context it comfortably suits. Just don’t expect to be “gagging” over it like you did in 2012.

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