SINGLE REVIEW: Avril Lavigne – Fly

Avril Fly

Returning to her roots Avril Lavigne has stripped it back and tried to focus on pure strength and power to inspire others once again. The result is a half heartened attempt of an anthem for the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games. “Fly” is co-penned by her husband Chad Kroeger and while it tries very hard to be touching the heart just isn’t there. The lyrics are very generic and after reading them you can’t help but roll your eyes. “So if you ever feel like giving up, yeah let’s remember that, we were all meant to fly”. It’s as if they have just sat down at the dinner table and gone “we need to write a touching song so let’s just throw together some cheesy quotes about flying and reaching for your dreams”. No actual thought has gone into the concept as it’s very basic and something I would expect from an X Factor contestant. After all Chad Kroeger is meant to be an expert on rock ballads, surely even he knew this one was a dud, right? While the orchestra is a fitting touch for this song they should have gone bigger and bolder and allowed the song to build and reach a perfect climax. Lavigne’s vocal production is shocking and has some sort of auto-tune looped throughout the track making her sound robotic and losing the little emotion there was to begin with. “Fly” is a messy ballad that should have been a lot better and needed to go a different direction. Let’s just hope the Special Olympics find a new Anthem before the Games because I would not feel patriotic or proud hearing this cringe-worthy song.

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