SINGLE REVIEW: Kate DeAraugo – Shut Your Mouth


It’s been a long time coming but 2005 Australian Idol winner Kate DeAraugo has finally returned to music. Openly battling her inner demons she has turned those experiences into a kick ass pop/rock song that sees her returning to her roots. Co-penned by DNA “Shut Your Mouth” is the perfect sequel to her infectious hit “Faded” and sees her saying goodbye to her past and looking forward to a healthier and better future. Her vocals have not changed and still obtain the raspy edge that makes her stand out and instantly recognizable. Will this song get heaps of airplay on radio? No. Is it a smash hit? No. But it is a great re-introductory to the music industry and I just hope that she quickly puts out more new music (maybe a strong power ballad?) to highlight the great media coverage she’s attracting.

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