LIVE REVIEW: Backstreet Boys – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


Look, I wasn’t so excited about this one. I knew Backstreet Boys would deliver some old school bops and would have me reminiscing to my school discos but I kind of prepared for them to be average. Boy was I wrong. They might be men now and not the baby faced teens that the world fell in love with but they still have the moves, the harmonies and sex appeal down pat. Three minutes into the opening number “The Call” I already knew this was going to be one killer show and that they would bring more energy to the stage than One Direction. And throughout the two hour show they delivered that high level of energy and charisma to every note and pelvic thrust. With a setlist of mostly greatest hits they belted out crowd favourites “Don’t Want You Back”, “Incomplete”, “As Long As You Love Me”, “All I Have To Give” and “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely” early on . They mixed in a couple of new tracks from their eighth studio album including “Permanent Stain”, “Madeleine”, “Love Somebody” and my personal favourites “Show ‘Em” and “In A World Like This” which kept the show fresh for long term fans. The group weren’t accompanied by a live band and solely relied on their harmonies to outshine the backing tracks. However they all had a moment where they played an instrument to add to the live sound and show off another talent. Kevin played the keyboard, Nick slayed the guitar, AJ hit the boxdrum and tambourine while Howie and Brian also played the guitar.

During the acoustic portion of the show the boys were joined on stage by some fans who had bought a VIP package and they quickly became the envy of every person in that arena. However the band didn’t really interact with them much and they awkwardly just sat there watching the crowd watching the band. The acoustic session was a bit too long and quickly became the “bar and toilet break” for a lot of people including myself.

They quickly brought the energy back with some epic choreography and closed the show off with “I Want It That Way”, “Everybody (Backstreets Back)” and “Larger Than Life”. The production was fairly minimal with only a big LED screen, LED stairs and a runway shaping the stage but they made up for that with their personalities, choreography and strong vocals. It was a fun show from start to finish and they lived up to their classic boyband reputation. If One Direction weren’t so stubborn and boring live this could be their future in 22 years but I don’t think any of those boys have the stamina to keep it going.

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