LIVE REVIEW: Anastacia – Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast


Anastacia is one of a kind and Australia has been patiently waiting for her to tour for over 15 years.

Her first nation-wide tour sees her playing intimate theatres allowing her to get up close and personal with her “fanily” while delivering a show full of hits. Joined by her full live band, Anastacia kicked off the intimate “sprock” show with the mega hit ‘Left Outside Alone’. Flawlessly executing the high notes, the crowd had no idea what they were getting themselves into because she was just getting started.

‘Staring At The Sun’, ‘Sick And Tired’, ‘Welcome To My Truth’ and ‘Pieces Of A Dream’ followed and created the perfect singalongs which segued into a beautiful acoustic section.

Striping It down for ‘Heavy On My Heart’ and ‘Stay’ she allowed the music to speak for itself and opened up to the crowd about her battles with Cancer and how music and the fans kept her going. With emotions running high ‘Lifeline’ further pulled on the heart strings and left the crowd again in awe by her vocal range.

In 2012 Anastacia released a covers album called ‘It’s A Mans World’ which saw her covering some of the greatest male rock songs and giving them her original sprock taste. This album wasn’t released in Australia but if you’re intrigued by it then its worth ordering from Europe.

Rocking the dark sunglasses and black leather she ran around the stage fiercely delivering ‘Back In Black’, ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’ and ‘Best Of You’ from that album before grabbing her backup singers to bring a bit of soul in a girl group themed performance of ‘Defeated’ from her album ‘Heavy Rotation’.

The last portion of the show saw her deliver the remaining of the hits one after the other getting the audience up dancing and singing the night away. ‘Stupid Little Things’, ‘Paid My Dues’, ‘One Day In Your life’ and ‘I’m Outta Love’ closed the show  out and saw her running into the crowd and dancing up the aisles of the theatre allowing everyone to get up close and personal.

Her onstage presence is electrifying, your eyes are always on her and your mind is constantly blown by the pure power and strength of her vocal range. She has always been one of the kookiest and down to earth musicians and she allows you to see that with hilarious anecdotes and fun audience interaction. Her live band are also as impressive as she is with a moment in the show that allows each member to have their unique spotlight moment. A lot of artists don’t do this in their shows anymore and it’s nice to see the appreciation there again.

Anastacia sure knows how to deliver a fun and unforgettable show. The production was very basic but it allowed her to wow you with her pure talent and charisma. She’s definitely still got it and I can’t wait to see her back down under again, let’s just hope it’s not in another 15 years.

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